Test Service 2

Test Service 2

This is the description for the test service.


August 5 at 12:45 AM EST


Wilford Campbell

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Jesus Begins to Preach on Repentance

Our Leadership

Pastor Wilford Campbell and First Lady Romela Campbell are a devoted and experienced couple who have been long-time members of the Christian faith. They have served in various leadership roles and worked with numerous churches over the past few decades, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience in the process.

Their deep commitment to God and passion for helping others has been a driving force of the ministry. They have a heart for people and a desire to see lives transformed by the power of God. Now, with their years of experience and spiritual growth, Pastor Campbell and First Lady Campbell are looking to extend their knowledge and experience with God to others.

Romela Campbell:First Lady

Romela Campbell

First Lady

Wilford Campbell:Lead Pastor

Wilford Campbell

Lead Pastor

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1 Timothy 6:6

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